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Monday, 11 March 2013

#221 - 'Ip Man' (2008)

"There are no men who fear their wives. Only men who respect them." - Ip Man.
This film is a semi-biographical account of the life of Master Ip, or Ip Man, who is the master of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a specialist form of Chinese martial arts. When Ip Man, who keeps a low profile in the city of Foshan, defeats a highly respected and skilled martial arts leader rumours begin to spread about his ability. When the Japanese invade China in 1937, Master Ip loses his house and is forced to move his family into a life of squalor. Master Ip is forced to use his talents in order to feed his family and overcome adversity.
Ip Man.
I found the the fight scenes quite impressive. They emphasised the amazing skills that Master Ip posses and he is un-fazed throughout, dealing with everything that is thrown at him. They were intense and one fight in particular had a few 'matrix moments' where slow motion was gratuitously used. I think it worked okay the first time but got a little laborious through over-use. In honesty, I think the fight scenes were the best part of the film as I got a little lost with the story about half way through. Partly because in between the action, there wasn't much else going on.  
Matrix style.
This is another case of me watching a film from a genre I know nothing about. I enjoyed it in parts but overall I was nonplussed by it. I can see why martial arts enthusiasts and fans of this genre of film would enjoy this,  but it wasn't really for me. Similarly to #236 Incendies, it wasn't a language issue that I had. Watching a film with subtitles is not a problem, I think it was because the narrative seemed to dip and tried to rely too much on the action sequences to keep the audience interested.
Master Ip in training.
There are a few more martial arts films on the list so once I have seen them I may be able to better gauge this film, by having something to compare it to. Until then, I will reserve my overall judgement on the genre.

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