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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

#232 - 'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind' (1984)

"In the midst of my travels, I heard of an ominous rumour... It said that a monster from the ancient world had been excavated from beneath the city of Pejite where it had been sleeping." - Lord Yupa.
A welcome return to the world of Studio Ghibli. Fires have destroyed most of the Earth and toxic jungles swarmed with insects threaten the existence of the few remaining pockets of human life. The Valley of the Wind is one of them. Princess Nausicaä wants to find out more about the toxic jungle and prevent the spread of the toxicity. The jungle is protected by huge insects called ohmu. When a cargo plane crash lands in the valley, its cargo is a giant mound of living matter which unnerves Lord Yupa who has heard tales of such a monster. Will Nausicaä be able to solve the mysteries of the toxic jungle before is too late?
Princess Nausicaä.
As the DVD I bought was a Disney re-dub, I was treated to a few familiar voices. It is a fun game trying to work out some of them. The most instantly reconisable one was Patrick Stewart providing the voice for Lord Yupa. Disappointingly, he didn't say "Make it so" at any point. There was also Mark Hamill as the voice of the Mayor of Pejite, Uma Thurman as Kushana and Shia LeBoe.. LaBeou.. LeBeou.. - Oh you know, him off of Transformers and the terrible Indiana Jones - as Asbel. I felt the voices matched the characters quite well and added to my enjoyment of the film.
Lord Yupa.
The animation was great and the ohmu were terrifying. Once they are angered, their eyes go red and they stampede. They are massive and can cause a lot of damage. Nausicaä has a way of calming the ohmu with an insect spell. She uses her glider to get close to it, dealing with it with relative ease. Of course, that was when there was only one.
The stampeding ohmu at the start of the film.
My dad turned his nose up when he saw I was watching a 'cartoon' but I thoroughly enjoyed this. I think I liked it more than Laputa, as there was more action in this one. 

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